Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Month's Question: How is Social Action / Social Justice / Volunteerism / Mitzvah Doing a Spiritual Activity for You?

We work to transform the world. This is a central part of Congregation Or Ami's raison d'etrê. Our Vision and Values statement explains that we walk together down Jewish spiritual paths which touch our hearts and souls and move us to transform the world into a place of justice and compassion (paraphrased).

This vision points to a direct correlation between our spirituality and our social activism. Is that true for you? And if so, how? Or why not?


Holly said...

When I volunteer I know that I'm doing my small part in God's world to help make it a better place. To help repair the brokenness in my own way. I don't have to fix everything, but just to step up and do what I can, and what I believe I am called to do. Since I believe that we have a connection with God, and that our actions are part of that connection it is spiritual. The work may be hard, but we all are part of creation that way, to help create whatever wholeness we can.

Liz Brasler said...

For me, the only way I can seek (and once in a while if I'm lucky, find) God is to get out of my own way. One of the ways I do that is by finding opportunities to be of service to others. The minute I take that action I am taking myself out of my own head, quieting my own mind and making room for G-d to come in.

Basically, when I am of service to others, I can take a deep breath again. And these days, just being able to take a deep breath is a spiritual activity.